Rural Muslims and our Responsibilities

You will be surprised to know that there are many villages where dead Muslims have being buried without “Namaz Janaza”. There are Hindu and Christian Missionaries misguiding the innocent Muslims in the rural villages. There are Muslims living in villages of karimnagar district who do not know the marriage relations among the Muslim families as per Islamic law and There are some Muslims living in villages who have not heard the “Azan” nor have they seen a quraan in their lives and a lot of Muslims are involved in various sins not knowing that it is haram in islam, They are not aware of the fundamentals of Islam. Their life style and social customs are similar to the Hindus and Christians. There are no Mosques in many villages to offer prayer and Namaz. We have to think for a moment who are responsible for it.? The answer is very simple we are responsible for it because we have not given proper Islamic education to such Muslims. There is a need to appoint Muslim Scholars (imams) in such rural villages. We have to help all such Muslims who are Socially, and Islamically backward in these villages. Therefore to meet such necessities in the rural areas we have formed a committee by the name “Rural Islamic Centres” on behalf of our madrasa.


       Uneducated poor muslim children of Agraram (V)            Huts of poor muslim villagers of mutay (V)

Muslim Children of Rangapet. Dist. Karimnagar(INDIA)

Huts belonging to Muslims  of Rallapet (V) Dist. Karimnagar(INDIA)