Publicity and Printing

You know Electronic and Print Medias are essential elements for the progress. But unfortunately it is used against the Islam. To meet such requirement, we are using correct Islamic principles and teaching through Print Media and proper publicity. The Islamic literature is printed in Telugu literature to facilitate the Telugu knowing Muslims. In A.P. 80% population speak the Telugu language. To meet such needs, the Islamic books are translated and printed in Telugu. The books printed by us are “Taleem-ul- Islam”, “Apke Amanath Apke Seva may”, “Musalmanoka Khadyanoke Kalima Ka Faraq”. These are the books printed by us helping a lot to the rural Muslims.

The various books translated and printed in telgu language by our Madrasa:

Taleemul Islam (First Edition)                                            Aap ki Amanath Aap ki seva may

                                                                                            Taleemul Islam (Second Edition)

 Musalmanoka Khadyanoke Kalima Ka Faraq (2 )    Musalmanoka Khadyanoke Kalima Ka Faraq (3 Edition)

Mana Pravakta (PBUH) (Telgu)