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About The City Karimnagar:
Karimnagar District forms part of theTelangana(Northern) region which finds mention in Hewitts's references in his "Ruling Races of Pre-historic Times",giving an indication that this part of South India was by no means unimportant in the ancient world. The District derived its name 'Karimnagar' by Qiladar late Nizam Syed Karim Uddin.

The district is bounded on the north by Adilabad district,on the west by Medak District,on the North West by Nizamabad on the South by Warangal District and on the East by Godavari River

Karimnagar city has its own history of culture and civilization for the last 100 years. It is 170 K.M. from Hyderabad the capital city of Andhra pradesh. The present population of Karimnagar city is about 4 hundred thousand. The Muslim population is estimated about 80 thousand in Karimnagar. As on today There are 52 Mosques in Karimnagar city itself. The city has been expanding and its boundaries are founded within the radius of 8 Kms. Jagtial town is situated 50 Kms. from Karimnagar on the western side. Warangal city is situated at distance of 70 Kms. from Karimnagar city and like wise Peddapally and Siddipet towns are situated at the distance of 40 Kms. And 50 Kms. Respectively.

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Surroundings of Madrasa:

The  Madrasa  is situated in shaikhan nagar locality of rekurti village on  the  outskirts  of  Karimnagar  city near the karimnagar- Jagtial  Road.  ½ Acre area  of land along with a centrally located  building  of  Madrasa. The toddy tress and good planned plantations are surrounding in the campus. The Toddy trees and other natural plants give a beautiful scenery to the hostel campus free from pollution.

The building of   the Madrasa is constructed for multi purpose   use of preaching Islamic education. The building covers the residential requirement of the students.   The building is double storied and  consist of   3   Halls and 2   Rooms (sections).   Apart from this the old building is used for primary section measuring..  In which 3 sections of   “NAZIRA”   are   running.     In the campus, the fourth Aalim section is   running in temporary constructed hall After the School hours, some of the portion of building is being used for residential purpose of the students.

Even  though the  Madrasa  has its  own  Hostel,   the Hostel is  constructed on  ½  Acre  area in a double  storied  building  3 Kms  Away from Karimnagar city. The service of Medical Doctor is obtained to check the Health of the students.

Dining Hall:
In the Campus of Madrasa a separate big dining hall is constructed 120 students at one seating can have food. The students of Aalim course dine in their residential building, safe  drinking  water  to the students  is  provided  which is filtered and  cool.

Kitchen Room:
At present the Kitchen room is running in a Tin Shed. Fire wood is used for cooking. There are two women cooks giving their services in cooking the food.   There  are two  store rooms  attached to  Kitchen  room, one  is used  for  storing food  grains  and  another  is used for storing fire wood.

Computer Lab: 
Computer education has became necessary and an integral part of education to all the sections of the society all students are provided computer education. For teaching computer education and technique computer laboratory is established in the Madrasa. There are 4 Computers which are used by the students

Tailoring Centre:
Some sort of self  Employment is necessary to the students to earn their living. For this purpose the management  of  the Madrasa has started Tailoring Center in the  premises so that the students can learn the profession of tailoring for  their living.

In the  Madrasa  a small library has  been  established  to  facilitate  the students  of  Aalim  course on  different  subjects and  topics.  

Our building consisting of hostel/ dinning/ sleeping/ computer center/classrooms
(aalim course)
and guest room.