Management of Qurbani

Our organisation has formed a section in working for the Muslims living in the villages who do not have any knowledge or know the importance of Eid-ul-azha or about Qurbani. We are helping these poor muslims with the contributions from well to do Muslims in giving the Qurbani of animals in villages. The poor are facilitated with Qurbani meat. The Madrasa management is arranging the Qurbani of big animals at the time of “Eid-ul-Azha” in the rural villages. We assure you that all care is taken to implement these qurbani as per islamic rules and regulations.

Photos of Qurbani 2011

*Animals purchased for qurbani            *Cattle awaiting sacrifice for Eid-Ul-Azha

*Qurbani animals being transported for distribution in remote villages under our supervision.

*Villagers of Rangapet  accepting their cattle for Qurbani *Animal being slaughtered as per islamic tradition.

Qurbani meat distributed among the villagers.
* Please note we were unable to photograph qurbani in all areas And this is an example to show you how it was carried out.

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