Madrasa Islamia Islahul Banaat

Here the Islamic education of Hifz Quran, Nazira, Khaida with Tajveed is being taught. The students are given instructions as per Sunnah and students learn different type of prayers in addition to the methodology of Namaz. The students are also taught primary education for Urdu, Maths, English, Telugu. The female students are taught separately with purdah observation. There are three lady teachers and are lady servant to help the girls students.

The double storied building of the branch school (Madrasa) is situated within Karimnagar heart of the city at near to the Mancherial X Road beside the Mohammadi Mosque. The day scholar school is situated on an area of 222 sq yards. It has carpet area of 2000 sft.

Section for Girls:
A separate women section in the Madrasa has been established and started to impart Islamic and Quranic education compulsory to Muslim women and girls. It is universally accepted that the mother of the child is the first teacher. If mother is unaware about the Islamic education and Khuranic education she could not preach the child in the atmosphere of love and affection to the child in developing the personality of Muslim.

For reformation of society women education is necessary specially the knowledge of Quranic principles are to be known by every Muslim women. In the school the women are strictly observing pardah and women teachers are appointed to teach the women students.

In the women section the Noorani Khaida, Nazira, Hifze Quran and some primary education is being taught. This section is non residential.

5 Years Aalima course for Girls and Women:
Madrasa Islahul Banat is conducting 5 year Aalima course for girls or women who completed education from schools or colleges.

The course includes Arabic grammar, islamic jurisprudence, principle of translation and commentary of Quran, comprehensive curriculum on sihah sitta (six Hadeeth books). This complete course will be under the guidance of women teachers.

Note(1):Aalim course year starts from June till end of April.
Admission for Hafiz and Nazirah can be had any time.

Note(2):Test is not required for admission in to Hafiz or Nazira course where as test is required for admissions in to Aalim Course.

Note(3): All courses for girls or women are non-boarding.

Section for Boys:
The day scholar Madrasa has got a separate area for teaching the boys here the local students of the city come to learn . they are taught Noorani Qaida, Nazira, Hifz Quran and primary education with short syllabus.

Below is the madrasa Islamia Islahul Banaat: