Section of Hifz –e- Quran:
The reciting of Quran -e- Majeed gives peace of mind to the Muslims as well as it purifies the heart. This section in the school is running under the guidance of qualified  teachers. The above 150 students who completed the memorisation  of the Quran are working as teachers in various Madras’s and as Imam of Mosque at various places.

Section of Alims:
Usually the students who become Huffaz (memorising the Quran by heart) Join this section of Aalim Course. Aalim course is the detail study of Islamic philosophy, its principles, its History since from the inception of the Islamic religion. The person who is Aalim (Islamic scholar.) This section prepares useful syllabus to understand Quran and Hades Nabvi, Fikhi problems so that learners can serve the Muslims in a better way.

Section of Deeniyat:
In this section the students are taught various prayers (i - i prayer before eating, before sleeping when entering a mosque elc.) The syllabus prepared in such a way to impart special knowledge of the Islam religious including Hifz and Nazira. The students are given theory knowledge and practical knowledge how to perform worship of Namaz wazu and etc.,

Section of Modern Education:
Modern education has become a necessity in today’s world. apart from religious education. We also impart modern education in our Madrasa. The school has prepared a syllabus in a package of 3 years for Upper Primary education which consists of learning Urdu, English, Telugu languages and Mathematics. This course is taught along with the course of Hifz Quran. If the students if want they can appear for 7th or 10th class examination as private candidates conducted by the Government boards.

Section For Islamic Fundamental Teachings:
In this section the If fundamentals of islam such as Tajveed, Noorani Qaida, Nazira are taught to the students. The Madrasa has its mission to teach the Quran with Tajveed in real spirit to the learners.

                   A View of students memorising the holy Quran

         A View of students learning to read the Quran with tajweed

                    A View of students in the aalimi course