About Madrasa's

Madrasa's in Islam:
The History of religious madras’s is as old as the History of Islam. The History starts from the inception of “WAHI” which is regarded as the first teaching from the almighty (Allah). The first teaching and learning center was established in Makka was called “Dar-a- arqam” by our beloved prophet Hazrath Mohammad (PBUH), where the prophet had given the teaching of the Holy Quran. In Madina, after Hijrath Hazrath Mohammed (PBUH) had started an Islamic religious School in Nabvi Mosque in a small hut type shelter called “Suffa”. The Students of Mohammed (PBUH) who were preaching Islam used to come from far away places to learn about the Islamic teachings specially the Arab tribes and others. Hazrath Mohammed (PBUH) sent Ulama’s (Islamic Scholars ) to teach about Islam universally by sending them to different places and countries.

Madrasa’s in India:
When the Muslim rule ended in India, the Muslim Scholars thought about  establishing Madrasas which would impart Islamic Education and preserve the Islamic principles and literature. Madras’s had been established in cities and villages and the Madrasa network were run by Islamic Scholars. In India, in spite of various difficulties the madras’s are running very well by the grace of Allah.

About Islamic Madrasa:
Islamic Scholar Moulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi said about the Islamic Madrasas : -
"Islamic Madrasas are called factories where Islamic scholars are produced. Madras’s are the powerhouse of Islam from where Islamic power (religious faith) is generated and Madrasas are the heart, mind and soul of Islam. Here people are trained in observing and leading a principled life. The teaching of the holy prophet Mohammad (PBUH) emphisised the object of leading true life in the society."