About the Founder

The founder of this Madrasa is late Hafiz Mohammed Raheemuddin Niyazi, his native was Adilabad. He had done Hifz of Quran from the Madrasa at Bachrayu in Muradabad (U.P.). It is said that, in his childhood he came to Karimnagar on the advice of some elderly Muslims. He dedicated his services as Imam till his demise. This was the period when Huffaz (individuals) were very few in Karimnagar and most of the Huffaz were called from U.P. And other places. It was observed that the people had no interest in Learning Islamic education. They were hardly any deeni madrasas at that time. The founder started this school (Madrasa) in the year 1985 – 1405 (Hijri) at Karimnagar in Sawaran street, in a small Rented house and named it Madrasa Hifzul Quran on the line of our first Islamic School SUFFA at Masjid-e-Nabvi wich was started by our beloved prophet Hazrath Mohammad (PBUH). The Madrasa had no fixed source of income to run its daily activities. The Madrasa was started with one teacher and a few students. The founder had given his continous services to develop the Madrasa for the last 15 years. He met his physical demise (expired) at an age of 42 years on 21st feburary 2001.

The late founder of the Madrasa Janab Niazi was always of helping nature to the Muslims and a man of compromised nature among Muslims. The founders main objective was to give vast publicity of Quranic teachings and preaching of Islamic principles in Karimnagar and in its surroundings. In a short period of his life because of his un-tiring efforts. He was loved & respected by Muslims of all Schools of thought. In his funeral (NAMAZ-E- JANAZA) thousands of Muslims from far away places were present as a mark of respect to this Humble Islamic Scholar even as on today his name is mentioned with great respect for his services rendered to the school and to the Muslim community.